He showed me a little thing,

the quantity of a hazel-nut,

in the palm of my hand;

and it was as round as a ball.

I looked thereupon with the eye

of my understanding, and thought:

What may this be? And it was

answered generally thus: It is

all that is made.

~ Julian of Norwich

~ Marcel Duchamp

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I bless the light

I bless the light that lights on you, believe me

Jim O’Rourke - Women of the World

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Galatea of the Spheres, Salvador Dalí
The Everly Brothers - Bye Bye Love

I’m through with romance, I’m through with love
I’m through with countin’ the stars above
and here’s the reason that I’m so free
my lovin’ baby is through with me

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"Little things recall us to earth: the clock struck in the hall…" fun reading Jane Eyre for the first time. keep thinking “I’ve been here, read this, before”
~ Frank O’Hara

tonight’s play list brought to you by weird TV:

"this flight tonight" joni mitchell (basically)

"she’s my baby" wings (except the "gravy" part. mostly the kitten part)

and the acoustic “green shirt” elvis costello (because… you can please yourself, but somebody’s gonna get it)